Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Black Keys: Magic Potion

"Tuesday night in Hartford was a humid one, the kind of humidity that would fog up a person’s glasses simply leaving an air conditioned car. Even the stage cameras held a layer of fog over every shot that appeared in the venue monitors. It was the kind of night that wasn’t good for a lot of running around and on stage freakouts. That was just fine for The Black Keys, who made up for the lack of high-pitch theatrics with the precision of a controlled demolition. The band moved deliberately through their set, first assembling it brick by brick before knocking them down with blasts of fuzzed out blues riffs and the timed explosions of crashing drums. A large portion of their songs came from the more recent era of the band’s decade-old catalogue, with plenty of hits off 2011′s 'El Camino' and 2010′s 'Brothers.' The Keys opened with a smooth 'Howlin’ For You' before going into 'Next Girl,' and 'Run Right Back.' ... After performing their infectious 'Gold on the Ceiling,' Auerbach told the audience 'We’re going to play a few songs, just the two of us,' before going into a few older tracks that included 'Your Touch' off the 2006 album 'Magic Potion'" (Nick Caito, "Review," Sound Check, 7/10/13).

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