Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brian Stokes Mitchell: Simply Broadway

"The basis for Mitchell’s forthcoming show is his 2012 album, 'Simply Broadway,' which includes songs from 'Porgy and Bess,' 'Fiddler on the Roof” and 'Les Miserables' among other smash shows, and features accompaniment from longtime pianist and arranger Ted Firth. The actor calls his new show a whirlwind tour of “50 years of classic Broadway baritone” as told in a stripped-down, piano-and-vocal style. The album (and, consequently, the forthcoming show) also features vestiges of Mitchell’s well-known stage roles in 'Man of La Mancha' and 'South Pacific,' though the actor says he made a point to emphasize material he’d never previously recorded. 'I call it haiku-style music, because it really is about the most essential elements,' Mitchell, who said he was inspired by the 1975 'Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album,' noted. 'I treat every song as an acting moment, so these were songs that had really great acting moments in them'" (Curtis M. Wong, "Brian Stokes Mitchell to Open 'Starry Summer Nights' Series at NYC's Town Hall," Huffington Post, 7/7/13).

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