Monday, September 09, 2013

Sigur Ros: Kveikur

"They've gone all black metal; well, a little bit, anyway. The title track is a sinister, low-slung grind of backwards-sounding instruments strafing scorched earth. Jónsi sings in his lower register, adding real menace to his repertoire for the first time. Brennisteinn (Brimstone) is even more malevolent, as though making the point that medieval notions of hell probably derived from volcanic activity. You almost want to punch the air: at last, something from Sigur Rós that isn't just a comfy soundbed. ... Ísjaki, meanwhile, is as catchy a song as Sigur Rós have ever penned and will soundtrack every missed goal, every whale-pod journey, every sunshine-through-rain moment on every TV trailer well into 2014. Kveikur is the definitive album fans of Sigur Rós have wanted the band to make since 2008's Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, and then some" (Kitty Empire, "Review," Guardian, 6/15/13).

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