Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mozart: Piano Concertos 23 and 24; Mitsuko Uchida, piano, conductor

"Many commentators have been struck by the high artistic level of the [Concerto no. 23], with its perfect balance between cheerfulness and formal perfection. For example, Alfred Einstein wrote that: 'Nowhere else did he write a first movement of such formal simplicity, such 'normality' in the thematic relation between tutti and solo, such clarity of thematic invention ... But there are also darker shadings and concealed intensities, which the listener interested only in pleasant entertainment misses altogether.' These 'darker shadings' already begin in the second chord with its unexpected G in the second violins. They resurface throughout the work and even dominate the slow movement. This Adagio (not Andante, as it is headed in older editions) is in F sharp minor, an unusual key for Mozart, and maintains a lilting siciliano rhythm throughout. In almost every bar of the main theme there are chromatic suspensions and unexpected harmonies. ..." (CD notes by J├╝rgen Ostmann, translated by Judith Bartex).

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