Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Metal Dance: Industrial, Post Punk, EBM

"British producer/musician/designer Trevor Jackson recently compiled a selection of seminal industrial and electro tunes from the early 1980ss. ... MM: What was the impetus behind Metal Dance? TJ: A couple of things. I was searching through the attic of my parents’ house and found a bunch of old tapes I had made as a teenager. I thought it was quite bizarre that there were loads of compilations coming out, but many of them didn’t touch on more commercial records, more club records, what we used to call alternative dance. ... For those who might not be familiar with this music, would you tell us about the genres on the album? That’s the thing! During the 1980s, music wasn’t so genrefied. I suppose the music from this time was outsider music—certainly subversive and alternative. It was mainly made with primitive electronics by people who weren’t always musicians. ... If a library were using this collection as a jumping-off point, are there any albums or artists that you would recommend? I’d have to say start with Cabaret Voltaire, probably some of the most important electronic music artists of all time. ... People talk about Kraftwerk as being the kings of electronic music, but, to me, Yello are equally important" (Matthew Moyer, "Music for the Masses," Library Journal, 6/1/12).

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