Monday, July 16, 2012

Mickey Hart Band: Mysterium Tremendum

"You didn’t think we’d start a publication called Groove without chatting with a member of the Grateful Dead, did you? We spoke with Mickey Hart, one half of the Dead’s drumming duo (a.k.a. the Rhythm Devils) to discuss his latest project, The Mickey Hart Band, which will buzz, pulsate and dance into Bridgeport for Gathering of the Vibes on Saturday, July 21. The band is supporting their new album Mysterium Tremendum, a record that samples sounds from cosmic objects and events, including the Big Bang, and uses them as a foundation for the group to build upon and riff off of. 'That’s the vibratory origin of the universe,' Hart explains. 'The beginning of time and space when the blank page exploded, creating stars, planets, galaxies, the moon, the sun, Earth, us; that’s where the groove came from. What you hear are sounds that are embedded in the music. Some of them are alone. Most of them are part of the music where you really don’t notice, so it becomes part of the fabric.' In their raw form; however, most of the sounds Hart has gathered and collected aren’t inherently musical. 'Not unless you like chirping and thumping and throbbing and pulsing,' he says. The data is run through algorithms created by his scientifically-minded friends to mutate into a frequency range that’s more pleasing to the human ear" (Mike Sembos, "Hart of the Dead," Groove, vol. 1, no. 1).

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