Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Cult: Choice of Weapon

"That a band who have been as enormous as the Cult -- a solid decade of super-sized hits, globally sold-out tours, gold and platinum albums -- should return with a new record is no big surprise. But when that record is as good as Choice of Weapon, which is as melodic, intense, dynamic and otherworldly as anything they've ever done, then  you begin to feel that something odd and special is happening. ... When their second album, Love, was released in 1985, they were a fairly psychedelic proposal. ... Their next record, Sonic Temple, was an even bigger hit, but as they reached their peak, the band began to fall apart. There have been splits, reformations and even albums since, but none with the innate power and sense of timing that this one has. Choice of Weapon feels like the absolute right record for the right time" (Rob Fitzpatrick, "A Return to Prophet," Sunday Times (UK), 6/10/12).

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