Friday, December 13, 2013

Vienna Choir Boys: Britten, Bruckner, & others

"Two LPs from 1971 transferred to CD in excellent sound. I am among the people who don't care much for English boy choirs but respond much more warmly to German and Austrian ones. They don't make everything sound 'white' and antiseptic, like the English boys. They seem more human, more earthly, more real. I like their full sound, their vibrato, their warmth. ... The Bruckner pieces are lovely -- and beautifully done. Naturally there are men (at least young men) in these pieces and in most of the renaissance ones. The composers -- all from the 1500s -- are Gallus, Victoria, Palestrina, Nascus, and De Kerle. I like this kind of polyphony done this way ..." (Donald R. Vroon, American Record Guide, Nov./Dec. 2013, p. 174).

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