Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man and other works

"Written on commission for the Cincinnati Symphony as a concert prelude to honor the Allies -- one of seventeen commissioned by the orchestra's conductor, Eugene Goossens -- Fanfare can be understood as a coda to Lincoln Portrait. ... Virtually all of the pieces that Goossens received -- including one by an old comrade of Copland's from the Composers' Collective, Henry Cowell -- conformed to the same basic model: brief and snappy; heavy on trumpets and on rolling, military snare drums; filled with triplets and other traditional flourishes; and either starting out at full blast or quickly building to it. Copland's Fanfare, though, is stately and deliberate, perhaps the most austere fanfare ever written. Beginning with its opening crash and rumble, it builds slowly in sonority and complexity ..." (Sean Wilentz, Bob Dylan in America, pp. 29-30).

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