Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mozart: Symphonies nos. 35-41; Karl Böhm, conductor

"This is really the first of Mozart's symphonies - and he had written at least 36 before (no. 37 is a misnomer) - in which Mozart transforms the social and entertainment functions of a piece of grand orchestral music into signifiers of a different kind of discourse. In virtually every bar of this piece, you hear him straining at the limits of what his invention, his orchestra, and the symphony can do. ... The Prague has three movements rather than the by then conventional four; Mozart does without the minuet because of the scale of this symphony's first movement and the andante. ... Karl Böhm/Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: old school? Definitely and defiantly - Böhm eschews the repeats in the first movement, but this is music-making on a big scale" (Tom Service, "Symphony Guide: Mozart's 38th - 'Prague'," Guardian, 10/1/13).

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