Thursday, November 07, 2013

Tegan and Sara: Sainthood

"Sainthood is the sixth studio album by the Canadian rock duo Tegan and Sara, released on 27 October 2009, by Sire Records. The album was a shortlisted nominee for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. ... This is the first album by Tegan and Sara to feature a song co-written by the pair, as they usually choose to write separately. However, it was not written while Tegan and Sara stayed together in New Orleans as an attempt to write together. No songs from that time made it on to the album, although one such song lends its title to that of the record. The album title was inspired by a Leonard Cohen lyric. The record also includes co-written songs from Tegan's side project with Hunter Burgan, bassist of AFI. The album is described by the band as such: 'Tegan and Sara's sixth studio album – Sainthood – addresses secular themes of devotion, delusion, and exemplary behavior in the pursuit of love and relationships ...'" (Wikipedia).

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