Tuesday, November 12, 2013

John Mayer: Paradise Valley

"'Paradise Valley' is meant to represent his staking a claim to maturity, both as a musician and as a person. ... 'Waitin’ on the Day' is one of a few declarations of domesticity and calm on this album, which includes some of his strongest songwriting. ... On 'Wildfire,' he virtually whispers, 'You can rest your head/On my shoulder if you/Want to get older with me.' (There’s also a second 'Wildfire,' a wonderful 85-second interlude with Frank Ocean, who sings heartbreakingly about tough love.) Another part of growing up is moving past the overcompensations of your youth. Musically, he accomplishes that here with guitar playing that’s emphatic but not ostentatious" (Jon Caramanica, "A Crooner Decides to Speak Through His Music," New York Times, 8/20/13.

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