Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cher: Closer to the Truth

"'Getting older sucks the big one,' Cher said recently, yet ageing seems to have instilled a fierce energy. On her last album, in 2001, she was a bellowing dance-commander, and now she's gone one better, cranking up both the beats and her propensity for blasting. And she can blast like nobody else: Pink and Jake Shears are credited as backing vocalists on I Walk Alone and Take it Like a Man respectively, but they're inaudible against Cher's Auto-Tuned foghorn. Happily, though, her many producers and writers have matched her with a batch of pounding Eurodisco tracks that can take the punishment. There's a reason the single Woman's World reached No 1 on the US dance chart: it's classic diva territory, combining empowerment sentiments, wonderfully kitsch techno and Cher's most commanding performance" (Caroline Sullivan, "Review," Guardian, 10/10/13).

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