Saturday, October 05, 2013

Baba Salah: Dangay

"The melancholy title track of his latest album was 'Dangay,' which means 'north.' In the song, he asks listeners to pray for the people of the region. ... Onstage, he picked up the guitar and said a few words about how happy he was that the north was free, which drew applause and joyful shouts. Then he and his band began playing. Their music, driven by his guitar, was a looping, riffing, electric sound that evoked the sixties underground yet was distinctly African. Baba Salah's singing was casual, comfortable, and as he launched into the first song people filled the floor to dance" (Jon Lee Anderson, "Letter from Timbuktu," New Yorker, 7/1/13, p. 47).

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