Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mozart: Musical Masterpieces

"The Marriage of Figaro K492: Overture. The opera was based on a subversive political play by French playwright Beaumarchais, which was said to have ushered in the French Revolution. As a comic opera it is innovative in both music and content, and it was an instant success. There were so many encores on its first three nights that the emperor had to issue an order restricting the number of times the audience coudl request a replay. From the very first scurrying bars of the overture, we know that this, perhaps Mozart's greatest and most entertaining opera, is going to be full of action and intrigue. There is no moment of rest or repose, as the music pursues its dizzy course, and Mozart prepares us to live out one crazy day in the life of Figaro, one of opera's great larger-than-life characters ..." (accompanying booklet).

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