Thursday, September 26, 2013

David Lynch: The Big Dream

"His work is famous for its everyday subject matter -- small towns like Twin Peaks and Lumberton, dentistry equipment, spark plugs, summer storms -- yet in his imagination the everyday becomes the backdrop for our deepest dreams and our most disturbing fears. ... Created with engineer/guitarist/right-hand man Dean Hurley, the songs build and unbuild blues refrains, repeating lines and ABAB rhyme schemes until they become hypnotic and dreamlike. ... Even more than 'Crazy Clown Time,' 'The Big Dream' is a guitar album. What is your fascination with the instrument? I guess of all the instruments in the world, the electric guitar to me is the most beautiful and most powerful, and I always say I see it as a big engine. A rough-running, smoky, high-horsepower engine. It feels that way to me. I just love it so much. ... The textures of the guitars on this album remind me of brushwork in a painting. It varies from one moment to the next — sometimes thickly applied, other times nearly invisible. In painting, they say you could feather that. You use the same term in music. I say, 'Dean, feather that out a little bit'" (Stephen Deusner, "David Lynch," Salon, 8/5/13).

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