Thursday, January 03, 2013

Matisyahu: Spark Seeker

"On Tuesday, he releases his fourth studio CD, 'Spark Seeker,' a fresh sound produced by Kool Kojak with reggae, hip-hop and electronica layered over Middle Eastern instruments and rhythms. It is as hard to pigeonhole as the artist who made it. The album, recorded in Los Angeles and Israel, veers from the pure pop of 'Sunshine' – a song Katy Perry would happily release – to the acid hip-hop of 'Tel Aviv'n' and dancehall in 'Searchin.' The rapper Shyne – whose conversion to Judaism has been widely noted – appears on two songs. 'It got more groovy,' says Matisyahu, with a smile. As always, there is depth to Matisyahu's lyrics, a man who, naturally, writes of constantly seeking answers. One line – 'They say I'd inspire but I'm still looking for my fire' – stands out. 'When you write a record and you go back and think of what are the real key moments? That's one of them,' he says. 'That's the idea that you're never giving up on that as an artist or someone who's trying to be creative and create music that's inspirational for people.' Kojak likened working with the singer to playing street ball in New York – both were guided by instinct and played to each other's strengths. He says he admired how his friend handled the challenges that came with balancing faith and his own life" (Mark Kennedy, "Matisyahu, Former Hasidic Reggae Star, Continues Evolution with 'Spark Seeker'," Huffington Post, 7/16/12).

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