Monday, December 31, 2012

David Byrne & St. Vincent: Love This Giant

"'Our version of pop music is not everyone's version of pop music,' says Annie Clark with a laugh. On Love This Giant, the new record she made with David Byrne, rumbling rhythms, electronic gurgles and currents of brass circle around the duo's unmistakable voices. It's not Justin Bieber, but the first single,  'Who,' has a deep, irresistible R&B swagger, while the chanted hooks and call-and-response brass refrains of 'Weekend in the Dust' would make Parliament-Funkadelic proud. Love This Giant is a piece of cross-generational teamwork made in indie-rock Valhalla. ..." (Jesse Dorris, "Dream Team," Time, 9/17/12, p. 56).

View catalog record here!


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