Thursday, December 20, 2012

Joss Stone: Soul Sessions

"This weekend, when Joss Stone plays New Haven's Shubert Theater, it will be just a small step in her big dreams. 'I would like to play a gig in every country in the world,' she said matter-of-factly in a recent interview. 'That's my mission. That will be my next tour. Yep, it'll be fun. I'm excited about that.' The idea could seem rather far-fetched, but so do other aspects of Stone's life. She has several multi-platinum records, an acting career and a record label. It's just that Stone, who is barely old enough to rent a car, brings it all up with the same nonchalance others in their mid-20s use to talk about ordering tacos. ... At 15, Stone's debut album 'The Soul Sessions' launched her along the leading edge of the 2000's wave of British soul singers" (Nick Caito, "Shubert Just One Stop In British Soul Singer Joss Stone's Dream," Hartford Courant, 10/9/12).

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