Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dispatch: Circles Around the Sun

"Dispatch bounces back with Circles Around the Sun, their first album as a group since 2000's Who Are We Living For. ... Chad and the guys reconnect for a record that sounds like the logical progression for the group as musicians. They continue to possess the same soothing folk and reggae infused sounds that made them a very popular soundtrack on college campuses, however it's apparent that the bandmembers have grown to even further appreciate their attention to detail on this record. In no way were their past works sloppy, but they definitely contained a certain quality that one might refer to as 'raw.' Without losing this quality on the new album, the guys have chosen to refine it a bit, tighten their production and benefit from the advancements made in technology and the recording process since the first part of the last decade. The result is a short and sweet record of ten tracks that all fans of Dispatch should enjoy. Tracks like 'Never or Now' remind you of the several sing-a-long numbers that the band has on tap for their hugely populated live shows like their famous 100,000 people-plus 'retirement show' in Boston. On the flip side, 'Come to Me' is a Bob Dylan-like folk jam that causes the mind to wander, in a good way" ("Album Review," The Sound, 9/12, p. 42).

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