Monday, October 15, 2012

Haydn: The Six Last Sonatas

"Today would have been Glenn Gould’s eightieth birthday. He was a true musical genius—not just a talented performer but also a great musical intellectual. He was an important aesthetic philosopher whose ideas regarding recording get to the heart of cultural modernity who also, miraculously, had the technique with which to reproduce in sound his ideas. ... He revered Bach, and had a deep and distinctive understanding of Bach’s counterpoint. ... But Gould’s devotion to Bach also turns his performances into something of a distorting mirror. ... That’s why, though I’m something of a Gould obsessive, I usually listen to him performing music by composers other than Bach. ... I’m very fond of his performances of ... Haydn sonatas, which he plays with an almost whispering tenderness ..." (Richard Brody, "Glenn Gould at Eighty," The New Yorker, 9/25/12).

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