Thursday, August 09, 2012

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Child Is Father to the Man

"In 1967, Al Kooper's music helped me through the transition from high school to college. Now, his weekly column 'New Music for Old People' is an inspiration for passage to the AARP. Appearing in The Morton Report, each column offers 10 terrific tracks for your listening pleasure -- some old, some new, some obscure even to pop fanatics. While you're soaking up the music, you can read Kooper's entertaining, often fascinating commentary. Kooper was like a sonic roommate during my freshman year at a small university in a Pennsylvania town with a population under 5,000. My actual roommate was a very nice guy who never said anything. Meaningful contact with attractive females was out of the question for a shy frosh, so I spent my free hours under the headphones happily suffering along with the bluesy sounds of Kooper's adaptation/arrangement of 'I Can't Keep From Crying' and other tales of woe from the Blues Project, of which he was a key member. A few months later, my freshman agonistes were further nourished when Blood, Sweat & Tears -- with Kooper at the helm -- released its now legendary debut album, Child Is Father To The Man" (Michael Sigman, "For Al Kooper, Everything New Is Old Again," Huffington Post, 6/25/12).

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