Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vijay Ayer Trio: Accelerando

"when we hear a rhythm, we imagine the act that gave rise to it. some call it neural mirroring, or empathy. ... this album is in the lineage of american creative music based on dance rhythms. we place our small acts alongside those of others in that tradition: duke ellington (the closing track is from his ballet 'the river'), herbie nichols, henry threadgill, michael jackson, heatwave, and flying lotus. ... our title track was originally the lasat movement of 'uneasy,' a suite composed for choreographer karole armitage. the goal was to see whether a constantly accelerating pulse could form the basis for dance. fortunately the answer is yes - because the dancer-listeners don't hear it that way; instead, they group the accelerating events into successively larger unites, creating an accelerando that slows down" (CD notes by Vijay Iyer).

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