Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Saw Doctors: The Further Adventures of the Saw Doctors

"You won’t find any uilleann pipes or bouzoukis in the sound of the Saw Doctors. They’re a straight-on rock band. Yet they’re still informed by a folk-rock righteousness, and beauty, that connects to the classic values of the Celts. The Saw Doctors, whose latest album, 'The Further Adventures Of ...,' ranks as one of their catchiest, have enjoyed 18 top 30 singles in their native Ireland (as well as that country’s biggest-selling single, 1990’s 'I Useta Lover'). Take that, U2" (Jim Farber, "Brogues: Irish Music Fills the Air (and Clubs and Arenas) This Week," New York Daily News, 3/11/12).

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