Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Supertramp: Breakfast in America

"One of the world's greatest singer-songwriters has just begun a new tour of the world. And happily, this tour is called 'Breakfast in America,' not only cementing his reputation with that much-adored album, but beginning, indeed, here in America. Then going farflung through many lands. Then returning Stateside (some dates below). It'll be a grand year. The artist's name is Roger Hodgson. You know his glorious voice: a high, haunting tenor which imbues his hits such as 'Give a Little Bit,' 'It's Raining Again' and 'Had a Dream (Sleeping with the Enemy)' with a unique and indelible soulfulness. Fads burn weekly, but brilliant songwriting endures. I actually heard the eponymous 'Breakfast in America' in the supermarket (!) just minutes before sitting down to write this article, and its wondrous, Klezmer-esque reverie had me bopping through the aisles: 'Take a jumbo / Across the water / Like to see America...'" (Gregory Weinkauf, "Roger Hodgson Serves Up 'Breakfast in America' to the World," Huffington Post, 3/11/12).

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