Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paul Simon: Songwriter

"Yes Virginia, there are talented singer-songwriters who play guitar. ... And lest we ever forget, if you like your singer-songwriters intelligent, artful, witty and enduring, Paul Simon is as good as it gets. Simon's 2011 album So Beautiful Or So What is easily his best album since Graceland, a genuine, full-on masterpiece from one of our true musical masters. Songwriter is a fantastic new two-CD set handpicked by Simon himself that puts his career in a fresh perspective, from his work with a guy named Art, to his very latest piece of solo art, from the songs that we all know and love, to some recent we all should know and love. Wrap up a little genius for someone you love. And as a short man myself, I'm here to tell you Paul Simon is a little genius" (David Wild, "Get Boxed In: A Few Last Minute Musical Gift Suggestions," Huffington Post, 12/22/11).

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