Saturday, May 19, 2012

Steve Lehman Trio: Dialect Fluorescent

"So much of contemporary jazz has to do with balancing invention and reinvention, figuring out what remains relevant and generative about trends from the last fifty years while developing new systems that, if they don't necessarily push the genre forward, at least provide fertile ground for fresh exploration. Dialect Fluorescent, the new album by the Steve Lehman Trio, is a good example of how that elusive balance can be negotiated. There's a composition by John Coltrane ('Moment's Notice'), one by Duke Pearson ('Jeannine') and one by Jackie McLean ('Mr. E'). Lehman composed several other tunes using what's known as spectral harmony, in which computer analysis assists in organizing harmonic material according to the prominent overtones of a sound, creating rich frameworks for microtonal harmonies according to certain frequency relationships. ... Over the years, Lehman, a Wesleyan grad and former Hartford resident, has performed and recorded with duos, trios, quintets and octets, either with his own groups or as a sideman" (Michael Hamad, "Pulling Back, Pushing Forward: Saxophonist Steve Lehman Releases a New, Uniformly Excellent Trio Record," New Haven Advocate, 4/12/12).

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