Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jeff Bridges (self-titled)

"I'm having a hard time thinking of an actor who ever made a record that meant a damn: Keanu Reeves, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis -- it's a vanity-filled, musical wasteland. ... I can only think of one: Jeff Bridges. Also a painter and photographer, Bridges says that he's been writing songs since he was a kid. He released his album debut in 2000, getting very little attention. Now, with some 'Crazy Heart' wind still at his back, he's taking a higher profile swing at it. Call it 'Jeff Bridges: Crazy Heart: the Sequel.' Soundtrack alums T Bone Burnett, Ryan Bingham, and Steve Bruton all return to support their star. But Bridges has no interest in playing the part. He deals in sincerity, not posturing. His collection of songs are soft and laid-back. One could argue that they're a little too much of both. Still, there's no questioning his motives. The dude just wants to follow his muse and groove" (Shawn Amos, "PLAY > SKIP," Huffington Post, 8/17/11).

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