Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Now Now: Neighbors

"Last year's debut LP, Cars was a well-written diary in aural, mid-fi form. Neighbors is a careful improvement in most regards, but especially production, which gives luminescence to all the band's ever-refining traits, and a new confidence in their delivery. Intro opener 'Rebuild' has a few glitchy electronics and Cacie Dalager's soft, manipulated 'oh's, making it sound like a new Postal Service demo at first. But then it transitions into 'Giants,' a big, bustling and fuzzy yet modest rocker with the busy, slightly distressed atmosphere of the Get Up Kids circa Guilt Show or major label-era Death Cab for Cutie. One line suggests the band's parlaying the foreclosure scandal into personal meaning: 'You can take our homes / but your framework doesn't hold / against the feet of us giants.' You'd like to think the band's got some sly socially aware foundation, anyway. But the melodies and overall presentation, make it maybe the band's best, most mature and well-honed song to date" (, 12/21/10).
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