Thursday, December 08, 2011

Primus: Green Naugahyde

"MR: I want to get some stories behind the songs. For instance, 'Last Salmon Man.' LC: Well, most of my friends are contractors and trades people, or fisherman. So -- I've written about this times before -- this is the fisherman's chronicles, chapter five or six. I'm watching the fishing industry, especially the salmon fishing industry of Northern California, fading away. I see these poor bastards losing this legacy that their grandfathers built for them as we send all of our water down to make more golf courses in Palm Springs. It's a little frustrating, so I wrote about this legacy of the 'Last Salmon Man.' ... MR: Les, I want to move on to the song 'Eternal Consumption Engine,' I love that because I think collectively, we are. LC: We definitely are. That riff was a riff that Ler has been kicking around for about at least 15 years, and I finally said, 'Let's put that thing on a record man, I love that riff.' The wheels started clicking. ..." (Mike Ragogna, "A Conversation with Primus' Les Claypool," Huffington Post, 10/24/11).
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