Monday, November 21, 2011

Gillian Welch: The Harrow and the Harvest

"Here are some sample raves ... The Independent (UK), [rating] 100: 'On this, Gillian Welch's fifth album, the familiar blending of traditional sounds and moods with modern sensibilities is effortlessly sustained through songs like the mordant "The Way It Goes" ("Betsy Johnson bought the farm, stuck a needle in her arm, that's the way that it goes").' The Telegraph (UK), 100: 'There cannot be another musical duet around at the moment who are able to make two acoustic guitars and two voices produce a sound that is so subtle and yet powerful.' ... The American-based Paste liked it too, 90: 'While it's true that Gillian Welch isn't the first artist to use the rugged quality of early American folk music -- with its rich iconography and imagery -- as inspiration, what separates her from other artists who have done so is the deftness with which she employs familiar themes from archaic songs and adapts them to reflect the concerns of a person living in the 21st century" (Art Levine, "Songs for the New Depression," Huffington Post, 8/3/11).
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