Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Who: Who's Next?

"I was on the phone with my hero, Peter Townshend, guitarist of The Who. 
Having no idea what to say, having no real reason for calling, and feeling like I was floating in ether, I blurted out... 'Hi, Pete, I was wondering if I could drop by before tonight's show...' ... 90 minutes later, I was standing in the impossibly posh hall of an upper floor at the Hotel Pierre (yeah, that's Peter in French), knocking on Pete's suite door. ... I spent the next hour flip-flopping back and forth between talking freely to a really friendly cool guy who I sorta knew and/or being just agog. We talked about 'Tommy' and how sick of it I was. 'God, we are too, Binky.' ... We discussed Gretsch guitars. Pete had used an old Gretsch 6120 that Joe Walsh of The Eagles had given him to record all the electric guitar tracks on 'Who's Next' back in 1971. Listen to the tone of that guitar. Unique! At the time, even now to a certain extent, Gretsch was a very outre brand of guitars" (Binky Philips, "I Have a Chat with Pete Townshend in His Hotel Suite, 1974," Huffington Post, 9/16/11).
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