Saturday, December 03, 2011

They Might Be Giants: Join Us!

"Over the past three decades, They Might Be Giants has worn so many unique hats -- indie rock nobodies, alt-press darlings, phone-to-internet pioneers, commercial successes, kids' music heroes, Grammy winners, documentary subjects -- it seems they've had to grow a new head to accommodate each successive chapeau. Thankfully, the longstanding duo of Johns Linnell and Flansburgh has decided to recycle some of their older hats; their latest album, Join Us, their first album of non-children's market material since 2007's edgy The Else, has the wildly eclectic and experimental vibe of their earliest Bar/None releases in the '80s. 'John and I did have a couple conversations about at least part of what we were doing on the album,' says Flansburgh from a house painting project in the Catskills. 'There was a practical aspect to it, which is we wanted to have a few songs we could play as a duo that would showcase what we do ...'" (Brian Baker, "Here Come The Johns," New Haven Advocate, 9/8/11).
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