Monday, October 03, 2011

The Cars: Move Like This

"MR: ... Let's catch everybody up on The Cars. Can you give us the basic bio? GH: Let's see ... The Cars formed in January of '77, and I had known both Ric and Ben for a few years before The Cars actually became an entity. In fact, I played in a band with the two of them a couple of years before The Cars, which was called Richard And The Rabbits, and like most bands, nothing really happened and we broke up after about a year. Then, I took a job playing with Martin Mull, if you know who that is -- a character actor. He used to make comedy albums, and I was in his band just before The Cars, and in the meantime, Ric and Ben had formed another band that had Elliot Easton in it. That band also broke up, so they started yet another band with Ric and Ben, and Elliot was still there, and then David Robinson, our drummer, joined. David had been in a group from Boston called The Modern Lovers, which was an early new wave band before there was new wave" (Michael Ragogna, "A Conversation with The Cars' Greg Hawkes," Huffington Post, 5/12/11).
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