Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ron Sexsmith: Long Player Late Bloomer

"His albums come in two flavors: good and very good. His new CD -- Long Player Late Bloomer -- is very good. ... Chances are, if you're smart and daring enough to lay some money down on a CD by a man who crafts brilliant pop music for adults, Ron Sexsmith will become a new favorite of yours. ... Sexsmith has a McCartney-esque gift for melody, but they're not the sort of hooks that grab you by the throat. They're sneaky, slithery things that slide into your subconsciousness -- always hummable, always memorable but in a very low-key manner. First you listen, then you sing along, then you start hearing the melodies in your head all the time. By the fourth or fifth listen to Long Player Late Bloomer, you'll swear you've known these songs all your life. For Sexsmith, it's also quite a forceful album. His voice always brings a melancholy air, a blue-ish tinge to all he sings. But here the arrangements practically rock out, especially for an act whose mellowness is one of his chief attributes" (Michael Giltz, "CD of the Week," Huffington Post, 3/6/11).
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