Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Fast Move or I'm Gone

Copy at Case Memorial Library
Personnel: Jay Farrar, vocals, guitar, lap steel, piano, organ, harmonica, percussion; Benjamin Gibbard, vocals, guitar, piano, drums; with, variously: Mark Spencer, lap steel, piano, bass, guitar; Aaron Espinoza, bass; Brad Sarno, pedal steel.
Contents: Country and folk-rock songs from One Fast Move or I'm Gone, a documentary on Jack Kerouac (words from the poem "Sea" and the novel Big Sur by Kerouac, music as noted). California zephyr (Farrar; 2:27) — Low life kingdom (Farrar; 3:22) — Williamine (Farrar and Gibbard; 4:01) — All in one (Farrar; 2:09) — Breathe our iodine (Farrar; 2:58) — These roads don't move (Farrar; 3:11) — Big Sur (Farrar; 3:25) — One fast move or I'm gone (Gibbard; 4:17) — Final horrors (Farrar; 2:42) — Sea engines (Farrar; 3:30) — The void (Farrar and Gibbard; 2:59) — San Francisco (Farrar; 3:54).
From the notes by Farrar: "The novel Big Sur is like Kerouac's version of Heart of Darkness — waking up in a place where you start to lose your grip and are not sure you can make it out. …"


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