Thursday, June 10, 2010

John Mayer: Battle Studies

Copy at Case Memorial Library
Contents: Heartbreak warfare (4:27) — All we ever do is say goodbye (4:35) — Half of my heart (feat. Taylor Swift) (4:10) — Who says (3:00) — Perfectly lonely (4:28) — Assassin (5:10) — Crossroads (2:28) — War of my life (4:15) — Edge of desire (5:28) — Do you know me (2:29) — Friends, lovers or nothing (5:57). All songs written and performed by John Mayer except "Crossroads," written by Robert Johnson. Recorded at Battle Studios (Calabasas, CA), Capitol Studios (Hollywood, CA), Avatar Studios (New York, NY) and The Village Studios (West Los Angeles, CA).
Sample lyrics: "Now that we are over as the loving kind / We'll be dreaming ways to keep the good alive / Only when we want is not a compromise / I'd be pouring tears into your drying eyes / Friends, lovers or nothing / There can only be one / Friends, lovers or nothing / There'll never be an in-between, so give it up … Anything other than yes is no / Anything other than stay is go / Anything less than 'I love you' is lying."


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