Friday, May 28, 2010

Nate Chinen on Jeremy Pelt

"The trumpeter Jeremy Pelt has spent most of the last decade as a young exemplar, traveling the postbop continuum on his own steam, at his own pace. As a bandleader he has plunged headlong into funk and dipped a toe in chamber orchestration, but the larger theme of his output seeks a footing on the bedrock of jazz convention. He’s still finding good terrain to explore there, as he proved at Jazz Standard on Thursday night. Mr. Pelt, 33, has outgrown the unnatural glow of a prodigy. … What he has now is a balance of proficiency and insight, and an aversion to unnecessary flash. His playing is impressive, with fast action, bladelike articulation and a full-featured tone. But he used each of his solos on Thursday mainly as a means of fleshing out ideas and, no less important, connecting with his working band. It was the same quintet as on his stoutly effective new album, 'Men of Honor' (HighNote), and on the one before that, 'November' (MaxJazz). With J. D. Allen on tenor saxophone, Danny Grissett on piano, Dwayne Burno on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums, the group has ample firepower, and nearly as much acumen" ("Music Review: Taking a Ride on Jazz's Main Line," New York Times, 2/1/10).


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