Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Angel Taylor: Love Travels

Copy at Case Memorial Library
Contents (all songs written by Angel Taylor): Chai tea latte — Like you do — Make me believe — Maple tree — Too good for words — Spinning wheels — Don't forget me in time — Lightning strikes — Epiphany — Feed your ego — All lost at C — Not even human — Best father around (hidden track).
Personnel: vocals and piano, Angel Taylor; guitars, Greg Suran, Mikal Blue, Jason Reeves, Andrew Williams, Gary Jules, Chris Bruce, Andrew Dixon; and other musicians.
Sample lyrics: "I have been taken before / You're not the first to rob me / of my peace and my sanity / You've taken all my peace and my sanity / You must've been kidding / with that whole romantic love spill / Or maybe I just didn't hear you right / You run over my heart and then ask for it back / You must think that that's alright / Well, it's not alright / But you're not even human / You're just a lovely idea of one / who I accidentally loved / And gave everything to become / the girl on the piano bench / Singin' all of her tears away …"


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