Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Phil Vassar: Traveling Circus

Copy at Case Memorial Library
Life (written by Phil Vassar) — Lemonade (written by Phil Vassar, Charlie Black, and Tim Ryan Rouillier) — Everywhere I go (written by Phil Vassar and Jeffrey Steele) — John Wayne (written by Phil Vassar and Tom Douglas) — Tequila town (written by Phil Vassar and Kelley Lovelace) — Bobbi with an I (written by Phil Vassar and Craig Wiseman) — She's on her way (written by Phil Vassar, Jim Nichols, and Jeff Outlaw) — A year from now (written by Phil Vassar and Craig Wiseman) — Save tonight for me (written by Phil Vassar, Tim Ryan Rouillier, and Juliana Cole) — I will remember you (written by Phil Vassar and Kenny Chesney) — Where have all the pianos gone (written by Phil Vassar and James T. Slater).
"For his self-produced fifth studio album, Vassar brings a husky, R&B-tinged flavor to his vocals, aided by his enviable prowess with a piano. … 'Bobbi with an I' [is] a tune about a cross-dressing linebacker. … 'Where Have All the Pianos Gone' [is] a tip-of-the-hat to fellow ivory-ticklers Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder" (Randy Vest, "Music," People, 1/18/10, p. 50).


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