Monday, March 15, 2010

Mike Ragogna on "New Moon"

"This night flight covers indie moods and attitudes, wisely choosing experiments over formulas, and the nocturnal over the hormonal. Some of the best material comes from under-known acts like Lykke Li whose sensuous 'Possibility' should be the model for the balance of this decade's ballads. Then there's the usually wiseass Anya Marina who tempers her funny bone by merely utilizing an ultra-whispery rendering of her 'Satellite Heart'; Bon Iver and St. Vincent offer sanctuary in their cathedral-housed 'Rosyln,' while Grizzly Bear's 'Slow Life' (featuring Victoria Legrand) is yet another church-echoed confessional; and San Francisco's Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club ditch the grunge for some indie-licious octave-singing on 'Done All Wrong.' Rescuing us from a potential mid-tempo monotony comes Radiohead's Thom Yorke with 'Hearing Damage.' … Even taken out of its movie context, New Moon is a very shiny record and not particularly dark, probably music director Alexandra Patsavas' mission. … But it's nice when a record achieves the sexy without using repetitive, overt bedding songs with 'ooh baby' drum machine strokes to seduce" ("HuffPost Reviews," Huffington Post, 10/19/09).


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