Friday, March 05, 2010

Rob Fields on black rock

"The Grammys happen in a couple of weeks. Though it may be a fun show to watch, the Urban/Alternative category still leaves me wondering: alternative compared to what? But, let's table that discussion for now and congratulate all of the artists who made it to the nominees' circle. After all, that's no small accomplishment. However, better examples of black artists who offer real musical alternatives can be found in black rock. To get you started, here are some artists who didn't just take a baby step to the left, but who regularly cavort far outside the lines, and to great effect. My best black rock releases of 2009 (in no particular order): Honeychild Coleman, Halo Inside (Come La Luna). Bjork-shaded breathiness, dubby goodness. A headphone masterpiece. … Living Colour, The Chair In The Doorway. If you're thinking this album got a pass just because it's Living Colour, you're wrong. No, this bad boy is bangin' (my personal favorites are 'Burned Bridges', 'DecaDance', 'Bless Those') and leaves no doubt that this band is still vibrant and burning. …" ("Real Alternatives for the Grammys' 'Urban/Alternative' Category," Huffington Post, 1/16/10).


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