Friday, March 19, 2010

Camera Obscura: My Maudlin Career

Copy at Case Memorial Library
Contents: French Navy — The sweetest thing — You told a lie — Away with murder — Swans — James — Careless love — My maudlin career — Forests & sands — Other towns & cities — Honey in the sun. All songs written by Tracyanne Campbell.
Personnel: Camera Obscura (Tracyanne Campbell, Kenny McKeeve, vocals, guitar; Carey Lander, piano, organ; Gavin Dunbar, bass; Lee Thomson, drums); with additional musicians.
Sample lyrics: "If you were a season you'd be in bloom/ I wish I had good reason to see you soon/ There's no need to convince me that you're a catch/ I bought my ticket I'm sold at last/ Who was it said that love conquers all?/ He was a fool 'cause it doesn't at all/ Should I believe you told a lie? … Was I a quiet little nothing/ Who never challenged anyone?/ Was I a lazy lazy snake?/ Do you want me to be a gentle diplomat?/ You can beg and you can plead/ Are my eyes the coldest blue?/ You said once this was true/ If it is I don't know what I'll do/ 'Cause I'm stuck with them/ And they're stuck on you " ("You Told a Lie").


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