Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde

"I had not heard [conductor] Marc Albrecht before this recording. He is of the Inbal school of attentiveness to color (but likes a rounder sound than Inbal). He also understands the rhetoric of this piece, with its constant hesitations and pauses, perfectly. From the quietest moments to the biggest sounds, he works to give us the wealth of sounds and textures that Mahler put into his score. The opening of the first song leaps aggressively forward. The rough edges of the last song, so important to bring out what is being said, are plain to hear. ... If you want to hear countless details that add to the meaning of the music -- harsh stopped horns and tangy woodwind comments in the first song, drunken string glissandos in the fifth; the murmuring of the night behind the harp, and later the lute, in the last song -- this is a performance for you" (Stephen D. Chakwin, Jr., American Record Guide, Sept./Oct. 2013, pp. 145-146).

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