Saturday, January 04, 2014

John Doe and the Sadies: Country Club

"The collaboration between punk rock legend John Doe (X, The Knitters) and The Sadies started out as a typical drunken promise of making music together: One person suggests a musical collaboration. The others agrees. And then everyone forgets about it. 'These happen all the time,' Doe said in a statement. 'But it's rare that anyone remembers them the morning after, let alone follows through and makes it a reality.' In an atypical turn of events, the conversation stuck, and the guys actually followed through. The result is Country Club, an album chock full of country classics that glimmer with hints of 1960s Nashville pop and Bakersfield, Calif. electro honky tonk. Country Club covers the likes of Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings but also boasts four original songs (three by The Sadies and one by Doe and his X songwriting partner Exene Cervenka)" (Liz Stinson, "John Doe and the Sadies Join the Country Club," Paste, 1/30/09).

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