Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Celine Dion: Loved Me Back to Life

"Bigness, not variety, is Ms. Dion’s true weapon — often it’s impossible to distinguish between when she’s singing about empowerment and when she’s singing about heartbreak. ... But Ms. Dion wants to be nimble, too, now. On this album she’s singing with more rhythm, if not more clarity, than usual. And consider her cover of Janis Ian’s 1975 soft-rock hit “At Seventeen,” an intricately detailed diary of childhood awkwardness, with more words and images in one stanza than Ms. Dion typically packs into a whole album. ... But her most decadent move on this album is the nervy duet with Stevie Wonder on “Overjoyed,” one of his signature numbers. ... Mr. Wonder, lush and flexible, is the exact opposite of Ms. Dion as a singer. On paper, it’s a severe mismatch. But Ms. Dion isn’t out of tricks — when Mr. Wonder shimmies, she shimmies back, dodging her own shadow" (Jon Caramanica, "CDs from Celine Dion and Midlake," New York Times, 11/4/13).

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