Saturday, October 27, 2012

Donnie & Joe Emerson: Dreamin' Wild

"By the time he was in his teens in the late 1970s, Donnie Emerson could play the trombone, clarinet, piano and guitar, and was writing and singing his own songs, musical gifts that took shape in a cabin set among the ponderosa pines on the Emerson family farm. ... The one-room recording studio, which they call the Practice Place, looked as if it hadn’t changed much in the intervening years, a time capsule covered in colored shag carpeting and filled with analog audio gear. Joe, who is older but played the loyal sideman role on drums, reminisced about their days as aspiring rock stars. ... It’s the kind of flashback the brothers have been experiencing for months now, since 'Dreamin’ Wild,' the album they recorded here and released themselves in 1979 as Donnie and Joe Emerson, has become an out-of-the-blue cult hit, rescued from obscurity by a music blogger. Will Louviere, a Bay Area record dealer and an early fan of the album, was mesmerized, he said, by the young Donnie’s 'stoney and hazy' voice. The music site Pitchfork proclaimed the album 'a godlike symphony to teenhood.' And Don read that another blog has pronounced 'Baby' — a song so soulful it’s as if teen isolation and yearning are embedded in its molecular structure — a classic ..." (Steven Kurutz, "A Time Capsule Set to Song," New York Times, 9/12/12).

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