Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sleigh Bells: Reign of Tyranny

"The new record is unmistakably Sleigh Bells, with dense but bigger production that puts [Alexis] Krauss’s voice into sweet relief over [Derek] Miller’s dark metal peals. It is even more guitar driven ... and more narrative and lyrical, with a crisper focus on arrangements and harmony over beats. ... Though half of 'Treats' was written before Ms. Krauss ever got involved, for 'Reign of Terror' she was a more equal collaborator. 'She was there for every single stitch of this record,' said Shane Stoneback, the engineer who recorded both 'Treats' and 'Reign of Terror.' Mr. Stoneback, who has worked with Vampire Weekend and Cults, praised Ms. Krauss for her attention to the minutest details, like the week they spent listening to individual drum machine rhythms. They spent four months in his Chelsea studio, recording vocals and guitars in a makeshift echo chamber and honing a sound that Mr. Stoneback said was inspired by Mutt Lange, the producer of AC/DC, Def Leppard and Billy Ocean. 'The immediate grenade pin that we pulled was big ’80s rock stuff,' he said" (Melena Ryzik, "Enjoying the Sweet Pains of Success," New York Times, 2/14/12).

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