Friday, August 17, 2012

Florence + the Machine: Ceremonials

"Florence and the Machine (fronted by English musician Florence Welch) have a nearly insurmountable challenge in trying to live up to the expectations of 2009's brilliant, rapturously received Lungs. Welch's voice, at the same time breathy and deeply resonant, gets pushed to the limits and, in a neat technique tic, is layered upon itself (like on lead single 'Shake It Out' and 'Never Let Me Go'), amplified to the levels of a church choir -- another way the album sounds so huge. Not that the sonic opulence overwhelms -- 'Lover to Lover' is a deeply soulful Motown jam, and rumored next-single 'No Light, No LIght' is draped over a throbbing celestial synth line. Ceremonials is an unstoppable album as beautiful as it is strong, just like its lead singer" (Drew Taylor, "CD of the Week," New Haven Advocate, 11/3/11).

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