Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hugo: Original Score

"The Academy has released its list of scores that are eligible for the Oscar. ... One of the most familiar names on the list is Howard Shore, for his work in 'Hugo.' Mr. Shore is a veteran composer and three-time Oscar winner, for the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. 'Hugo' marks his sixth collaboration with Martin Scorsese, with whom he shares a fanboyish love of their medium. 'We always talk about movies and music, and I think that’s really a part of our friendship,' Mr. Shore said, taking a break from a vacation on a family farm to speak with the Bagger today. For 'Hugo,' as with all his scores, Mr. Shore did a lot of research into the sounds of the era. 'It’s a rich period, there was a lot to delve into,' he said. 'It’s really a cultural change in music. There’s harmonic language, there’s counterpoint, there’s orchestration. It’s one of my favorite periods in music, from the turn of the century to the ’30s.' To capture that, he created a sextet based on the café music and theater music of the time. The instruments included the ondes Martenot, an early electronic instrument that was the French answer to the theremin, Mr. Shore explained. 'It was part of the sound of that period, electronics getting into acoustic music for the first time,' Mr. Shore said" (Melena Ryzik, "The Carpetbagger," New York Times, 12/23/11).

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